Lacrosse was formally introduced to the Philippines in September 2013. PLA President, Ron Garcia and PLA Director of Outreach, Justin Manjares traveled to the Philippines and met with both the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and  the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), the governing sports organizations of the Philippines, to officially introduce the sport of lacrosse as well as promote the mission and vision of the Philippines Lacrosse Association.

The Philippines Lacrosse Association, in partnership with Pastor Gary Visitacion, National Director of FCA Philippines, established an infrastructure of key contacts and coaches that reside in the Philippines to instruct and develop lacrosse year round. Lacrosse was introduced within the school system at Silliman University in Dumaguete City and International School Manila. As a result of these initial efforts, the Silliman Lacrosse Club and the Manila Lacrosse Club have been founded.
Since then, two additional locations in the Philippines were introduced to lacrosse in November 2013 in Cebu City and Bacolod City. 
The plan of the Philippines Lacrosse Association is to develop into the National Sports Association for lacrosse in the Philippines under the guidance of the Philippine Olympic Committee and the Philippine Sports Commission. As a recognized National Sports Association, our goal will be to continue to foster the growth of lacrosse by providing funding and resources to instruct and educate new players and coaches as well as seek out new contacts to add on to our infrastructure for lacrosse development and give all ages in the Philippines an opportunity to learn and embrace our sport.
The Philippines Lacrosse Association participates in lacrosse events throughout the year in order to raise awareness of our mission, network with the lacrosse community, and fund raise through donations and equipment drives to support the growth of lacrosse in the Philippines.

The efforts of the Philippines Lacrosse Association are made possible by volunteers dedicated to the growth of the game in the Philippines. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Noel Ciocon at